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About Us...

Why'd we make this site? ...

In early 2007, we originally planned to put together an ebook site to compliment our many successful informational products that we sell. We felt this was an under-served market, and just from the moment of buying the domain "" we instantly saw we were right.

The site started recieving traffic all on it's own without any special assistance and has continued to do so ever since. On January 15th 2008, we realized that the website had sold approximately 4 books at $6.95 and had barely covered hosting fees & domain registration. We realized that there was tons of traffic *LOOKING* for this advice, but even at a price of $6 were not willing to pay for it.

In the last week or so, we've been re-developing the site into a completely free "ad supported" site that lets you get all the info that was in our book FREE of charge.

Why would you do that?!?

Two reasons, one big one is we'd love for you to sign up to our newsletter instead and let us give you completely free tips every month on how to keep your home safe from smoke & chemicals and also just save you money. The odd time we'd send some kind of a promotion or great discount we've found, but mostly just free info.

Second reason, the ads should (we hope, at least!) provide enough income so that we don't HAVE to charge you for anything. So if you appreciate what we're doing here, and you like it... Click on the ads, and click on them often. It'll really support our growth here and allow us to continue to improve and add more information to this already growing page of info.

Daniel J Deyette