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Removing Smoke From Your Car, Truck Or Van...

Going to Sell it? Want to Clean it?

If you're looking for information on removing cigarette smoke (or any type of fire smoke) from your Car, Truck, Or van be sure to check that section of our menu for more info.

Car issues come down to two main areas really...

The Upholstery
The Plastics, Mouldings & Vent Work.

The Upholstery

See our sections on removing smoke from furniture, as they cover the same aspects of cloth, and such... The bottom line with cars is it's quite expensive to re-do upholstery and not easy, so best option is to look to neutralize & sterilize.


The Plastics

For the most part, most plastics aren't too pourus on a microscopic level, so here... A good disinfectant wipe down or a harsher chemical stripper (if your plastic can handle it) is recommended. You can try our staples of natural cleaning covered fully in the "removing smoke from furniture" discussion, or use a chemical such as:

- ATMOSCLEAR (used car salesmen swear by this one!)
- OdoBan
- Formula 409

A Little Trick For Your Vents!

Place a pan of vinegar on the floor of your vehicle. Start the vehicle and turn the heat on high, blowing on the floor across the vinegar. Close all the vehicle windows and doors. Let run for about 30 minutes. (Do this outside or in a ventilated area!) (Same Effect with an onion)

Air Conditioning Smells Like Cigarettes?

How to to eliminate smell from auto air conditioner - Turn on the air conditioner. Find the area on the cowl in front of the winshield where the air is drawn in and spray any disinfectant (such as Lysol or our secret natural version..) into the air intake.