Helping You Remove Smoke From Your Home.

Removing Smoke From Your Home...

Household Odors & Stains aren't fun!

If you're looking for information on removing cigarette smoke (or any type of fire smoke) from your home's furniture, be sure to check that section of our menu for more info.

Household issues can easily be boiled into a few key areas of the house which take similar answers to our other sections...

Furniture (See Removing Smoke From Furniture)
Ceilings & Walls
Carpets (See Disinfectant Spray Recipe)
Duct Work & Furnace (Yup it gets in there too!)

Ceilings & Walls

Thankfully, these aren't pourus surfaces. They yellow (or in the case of fire smoke) become quite black, but do not "stain" as furniture or clothing do. That's a positive! If you're not concerned about chemicals, almost anything will take it off nicely so I'll leave that alone for now...

However, if you want a NATURAL answer to these and other discusting stains... Here's our top list of things that we recommend to remove the stains & the smells will go with them...

  • Our trusty handy, dandy natural disinfectant spray (see recipe)
  • Onions & Garlic based sprays...
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

These are all great answers... But whatever you do, use our basic rule of thumb when testing any cleaning solution or idea. Test a small non visible area. Try not to use anything too harsh, because you can strip past the paint & paper layer down to the actual Gyproc on ceilings & walls. If you do that, it's essentially damaged and hard to cover up / repair.


Duct Work & Furnace (Yup it gets in there too!)

Ok, so you're going to attempt cleaning there... if you're that inclined you're welcome to try, bu this is no easy obstacle and well worth the cost of a professional.

Ok, you're bold and go for it anyway... removing ducts and using high pressure equipment is the wisest way to do it. Ensure the whole family (particularly infants) aren't home for this little project... But a nice "bandaid" approach is to run incense or one of our other natural mentions like our trusty disinfectant thru your home.