Helping You Remove Smoke From Your Home.

Removing Smoke From Furniture...

The challenges with furniture related smoke stains..

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to mask or eliminate the cause of the smoke smell.

Clearly masking is cheaper, quicker and easier when it comes to furniture because of it's pourus nature, having so many places deep within to hide the cause...

But masking has it's own hidden dangers... The reason smoke smells on your beds, couches & chairs in the first place, is because little particles are constantly lifting off the item and releasing from within the fabric & wood and coming up into your nose.

Once you establish that fact, you may wish to begin by ATTEMPTING to lift the smell OUT of your furniture. Because it is gross, and a health concern as well.

Removing Smoke From Furniture Items Completely

Ok, so we're not discussing an easy chore.. But removing the smoke from the items entirely requires a few different schools of thought. One is replacing the foam and possibly even the fabrics themselves that have trapped the chemicals and dangerous smoke residue.

Another option, is to use a high powered vaccuum like a Kirby or Filter Queen. They both have extremely powerful suction that can take even the tiniest particles out and should grab 80% of the loose particles within the fabric. Doing this 2-3 times in a row would be like waiting approximately 25 years for the chemicals to naturally lift off as they do when you smell them.

Neutralizing Cigarette Smoke Chemicals

Ok, so you can't remove them entirely, or you have sincerely tried and had minimal luck, yet your still not willing to foot the bill for a complete replacement of the fabric... now what? Some natural & chemical products can mix with the smoke chemicals, surround them and virtually eliminate the nasty smell while removing SOME of the toxic natures.

Natural Answers:

- Onions or Garlic
- Baking Soda
- Vinegar
- Charcoal
- Coffee
- cinnamon and cloves
- Essential Oil Disinfectant Spray (See natural disinfectant recipe here)
- Natural Wood Polish (See natural wood polish recipe here)
- Sodium carbonate decahydrate (What is Sodium Carbonate?)

Chemical Answers (Last resort?)

- OdoBan Deodorizer
- Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner

Why are these listed here? How come I don't see (insert product) here in this list?

Folks, i've only included what I've personally tested and seen work. If you work for a company or have seen a better product, answer, solution, e-mail me personally and I'll test it. You basicly have two choices to see me recommend it at this site.

#1 - Send me a bottle/recipe and let me test it
#2 - Send me 20+ People recommending it.

These have been thoroughly tested!