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I decided after a year of trying to sell the ebook I was selling that it would be wise to place some ads up and give the entire book away free!

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The all natural way to remove every tiny
molecule of cigarette smell and stain from your home in less than 24 hours

More and more people are realizing the very serious and often traumatic dangers that await smokers and quitting in record numbers. It's no longer the "in" thing to do. And these millions of quitters have left soiled homes and merchandise for the rest of us.

Cigarette smoke smell is one of the most challenging scents to remove from common household items. Especially carpets, upholstery and childrens toys which have surfaces that suck in these chemical cocktails like a vaccum.

The smell of stale smoke can have many silent messages to friends, family and co-workers who visit your home, and that's indeed sad. Even if you just bought the home and the smoke wasn't yours.

What's worse... Cigarette smoke contains gases, particles and air. Most air filters can deal with airbourne particles but not the gases. The particles that fall on objects can be cleaned off if they're caught in time, but can often give off chemicals for years.

It gets in the ventilation, the carpets, windows, gyproc walls, mouldings, doorways and much more. (See Site)

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