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Our Tips Newsletter...

"Privacy Policy & Stuff..."

First off, this is going to be quite short. We won't sell your info, we won't rent it, lend it or anything like that. We won't spam you either...

We believe in a minimum 2 to 1 ratio mailing system.. That means we have to send you at least 2 JUICY tips, to one promotion (if we even send any!!)

Our goal is to take all the wonderful tips & great information we've found over the years, and deliver it slowly and creatively via e-mail to all those interested...

What kind of tips?

* How to keep chemicals to a minimum (We're not anti-chemical, but we try to be healthy)
* How to save money on household cleaning & repairs
* How to save time and do things quicker or easier...

That's really it!

Hope you enjoy what we send you!
Daniel J Deyette